Morgan Amirah Burns
The Persistence of Flowerhood(2020)
Premiered at the Jack Crystal Theatre, NYC 
Choreography: Morgan Amirah
Cinematography: Thomas Lange
Set Design: Erica Zhang
Costume Design: Camilla Dely
Performed by: Second Avenue Dance Company
 The Persistence of Flowerhood is a fever dream of the disconnect between the stereotypical bouquet beauty of flowers and their actual journey through life. With Morgans knack for humour, the piece looks satirically at the obligations of plants in comparison to those of humans.
Run to Waters (2019)
Premiered at Castello Angioino Aragonese in Agropoli, Italy
Choreography: Morgan Amirah
Original Score: Toscana Music Hub (Now WADE)
Performed by: Toscana Dance Hub (Now WADE)
Run to Waters is
Morgans first work that consisted of original music. A beautiful quartet led by the cello provides a sonic atmosphere that breathes life into this work that aims to simultaneously evoke rise in sea levels and human emotions.
This work was made possible by Toscana Dance Hub(Now WADE).
School of 2 (2019)
Premiered at the Jack Crystal Theatre,NYC
Choreography and Costumes: Morgan Amirah
Performed by: Morgan Amirah + Isabelle Dayton 
Lighting Design: Michael Cunningham
Music by: Ale Hop
School of 2 
is a study on Anthropomorphism and the
dangers humans face mislabeling animal behavior.