Morgan Amirah Burns

A Tree Named Kevin (2019)
Choreography + Concept : Morgan Amirah Words: Morgan Amirah

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This work focuses on a half-human half-tree hybrid and the perils they simultaneously face. A Tree Named Kevin was orginally a solo work for stage that premiered in NYC. Morgan furthered the exploration by making this improvisation based film in Fuschl Am See, Austria with a site specific approach to the concept.

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cereal0218 (2020)
Choreography + Concept: Morgan Amirah Cinematography:Caitlyn Bell Music: The Garden 

In this film, the absurd meets cereal. Although cereal is already so strange the way it floats awaiting its death in an oasis of thick, creamy, white milk which may or may not come from cows. From box to bowl to stomach , cereal0218 is a manifesto imploring the use of movement to prove in fact no cereal killers were present in or around the making of this work... or any of Morgan’s works for that matter.

Watch the full work

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